Gardening Plans

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 10:16 Julie M. Watkins

We plan to have a huge garden, this summer. It will measure approximately 30' by 50' feet, plus we will plant some veggies all around the property as if they were flowers and let them grow in amongst our flower beds. We will plant some sprawlers, like watermelon and squash, in a lessor-used section of our lawn that gets lots of sunlight. We plan to make some hills from loam and composted manure and set the seeds into them. Then we will let the plants have their run of the place.

Gardening isn't new to us, but gardening to this extent is. We will need to purchase a few things such as:

among other things. We are pleased and excited to be making this move. We are consuming far more vegetables than we ever have in our life. To think that we could be eating our own vegetables this summer, fall and winter is exciting. We may have enough that we could sell some in the local Buyer's Club.

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