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Home Gardening Veggies Ordered

Veggies Ordered

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Last night, I ordered my vegetable seeds and tubors from Burpee for my second garden at Camp Littlemore. Here is what I ordered:


Bean, Triumph de Farcy, Bush
Beet, Detroit Supreme
Brussel Sprouts, Catskill
Cantaloup, Hales Best Jumbo
Corn, Golden Bantam
Cucumber, Straight Eight
Eggplant, Black Beauty
Kale, Red Russian
Leek, Blue Solaise
Onion, Sturon Organic
Parsnip, Hollow Crown
Pea, Lincoln
Pea, Mammoth Melting Sweet Pod Organic
Pepper, Hot Santa Fe Grande
Pepper, Sweet Bull Nosed Large Bell
Pepper, Sweet Emerald Giant
Potato, Kennebec
Potato, Red Pontiac
Pumpkin, Connecticut Field
Radish, Early Scarlet Globe
Spinach, Bloomdale
Squash, Early Hybrid Zucchini
Squash, Early Summer Straightneck
Squash, Winter Acorn Table Queen
Squash, Winter Buttercup
Squash, Winter Spaghetti
Sweet Potato Collection
Swiss Chard, Burpee's Rhubarb
Tomato, Beefsteak Organic
Tomato, Big Rainbow
Tomato, Rainbow Blend Heirloom
Turnip, Golden Globe Organic
Turnip, Purple Top White Globe
Watermelon, Congo
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The windows are both trimmed out in Amanda's room! They might not be perfect, but certainly good enough for Camp Littlemore. Given the challenge of trimming around both drywall and pine wainscoting on one of the windows, I think we did a fairly decent job.